SUP Lessons from Stand Up Paddle Board Instruction 

Have fun get Fit while learing how to stand up paddle board

In our SUP 101 class you will learn:  

  • All the basic components in Stand Up Paddle Boarding, We spend about 15 to 20 minutes on the beach prior to getting in the water. Our goal is to get you up to speed in 1 lesson where you will be able to paddle in a confident safe manner.
  • We stay with you the entire time, on the beach and in the water, we are there to help you apply what you just learned and answer any questions you have.   
  • You will learn the proper stroke technique to help maximize your efficiency, the 3 phases of each stroke 

  • 4 different ways to turn a paddle board and when to use each one. 

  • standing and balancing, how to handle choppy water, wind and boat wakes

  • fitness and core exercises, small changes in your stroke will work different sets of muscles 

  • board and paddle selection, what type of board works best for each style of paddling


We offer a well rounded approach that introduces you to all that SUP has to offer.  Our SUP 101 gives you as much information and instruction as taking 3 classes from some of the other schools. We have a proven approach that makes you a confident capable paddler after one lesson. Book a Lesson from Florida Paddle Board and let's have some fun learning to paddle in the warm waters of South Florida. Private, Group, Family lessons available. Ask about our corporate team building paddle packages and more.


 Private 1 on 1 Lesson

The lesson lasts approx. 1.5 hours, where you will recieve 1 on 1 personal attention and you will be the only one in the class. 

Rate: $80  Click to send us an email    or call (954) 545-7873

 2 Person Lesson

The lesson lasts approx. 1.5 hours where you will learn all the fundmentals of stand up paddling. 

Rate: $60 a person  

 3 Person and above Lesson

When your group is 3 or more people we consider it a small group, the lesson lasts approx 1.5 hours and covers all the fundementals of paddling.

Rate: $50 a person  

 Large Groups

We have done SUP events for large groups, sports teams, corporate events and parties.  Please call us at (954) 545-7873 to discuss your needs.   

SUP Surf Lessons

SUP Surf lessons are geared to the intermediate paddler and up, you should feel very comfortable on a SUP and be able to do a pivot turn on a SUP. These lessons are very weather dependant, there has to be waves in order to give a SUP Surf Lesson. Contact us for rates. (954) 545-7873

 SUP Surf Lessons from Florida Paddle Board

 How to sign up for a SUP lesson. First figure out how many friends are in your group. Then decide which date and time you would like to go. Once you have that info, Click the email link and send us an email, letting us know when you are looking to go and how many are in your group. We will get back to you to confirm the date and time and email you a map to the meeting location with instructions.  We will exchange cell numbers and your all set. We bring all the necessary equipment and safety gear for the lesson. We do recommend applying sunscreen and bring some type of sun protection shirt or rash guard. We usually spend about 20 minutes doing beach instruction and the rest of the time we are on the water with you. 

Stand Up Paddle boarding better known as SUP is gaining in popularity for many good reasons. People of all ages are discovering that getting outside on the water offers incredible fun, fitness and relaxation. No prior surfing experience is needed to enjoy stand up paddling, this sport is truly for all shapes and sizes. We have the right sized boards for a wide range of individuals. You don't have to be in tip top shape to enjoy some time on the water.  Stand Up Paddling is a fantastic core exercise that helps get you in shape while your having fun. 

By taking a lesson from you will avoid all the common mistakes first time paddlers make and learn the proper techniques from day one.  This will make your whole paddling experience more enjoyable and rewarding. We operate our lessons in Sunny South Florida, and have several locations in Broward County that we can utilize for your lesson. Growing up in South Florida we know where the best paddle spots are and we use a location that offers very clear, calm salt water. It is not uncommon to have visibility of 20+ feet. Let's go have some fun.  

We have had a large number of people take our class after taking "Lessons" somewhere else. Most people tell us how much more they learned with us and how thorough our Lessons are. If your thinking of taking SUP lessons, it's simple just choose us for your instruction and know you are getting the very best from day one.

Have fun get Fit while learing how to stand up paddle board